Review: Giant Rooks „How Have You Been?“

Step into the soul-stirring world of Giant Rooks with their highly anticipated new album, „How Have You Been?“, set to grace our ears on February 2, 2024. Hailing from Hamm, North-Rhine Westphalia, this German quintet—comprising frontman Frederik Rabe, guitarist Finn Schwieters, bassist Luca Göttner, keyboardist Jonathan Wischniowski, and drummer Finn Thomas—has captivated audiences worldwide since their formation in 2014. 
With this new release, the band presents a 14-track masterpiece, that effortlessly weaves uplifting melodies and melancholic undertones, creating a musical odyssey worth experiencing.

As the album opens with „For You,“ the promise „I’ll follow you down the road“ becomes a thematic thread and sets the tone for the captivating adventure that unfolds. The third track, „Somebody Like You,“ already a fan favorite, resonates with its anthemic chorus and echoes with the declaration, „I let my guard down for a moment, wherever you go, I’ll be goin‘ too.“ 

In „Under Your Wings,“ the band artfully navigates the complexities of relationships, infusing the contemplative atmosphere with a hopeful sound. „Cold Wars,“ a personal favorite, strikes a chord with its vivid imagery of navigating life’s battles, offering solace and reminding us to appreciate the small things with lines like „Sunset, pour your light upon me, just wrap me up into sunbeams – I’m countin‘ on you.“ 

Each song paints a vivid emotional landscape. „Nobody Likes Hospitals“ gently carries you through a melancholic atmosphere, reassuring with the sentiment that tomorrow holds healing: „Tomorrow you’ll feel better – ‚cause nothing hurts forever.“ While the album’s zeitgeist moment is found in „Fight Club,“ where lyrics like „I’ma drown myself in the depths of the internet“ capture the essence of 2024, resonating with the collective experience of navigating the digital age and reflecting our screen-scrolling tendencies.

The early 2023 release, „Bedroom Exile,“ explores an intimate existential crisis, urging listeners to confront their inner struggles. The pre-chorus demands to be shouted in solidarity: „Right now, everything is way too loud. Got tired of it all somehow, I won’t make it, can’t fake it. Oh, I gotta get away.“  And with „Morning Blue,“ the band paints a sonic canvas that beckons listeners to embark on a road trip, capturing the essence of camaraderie and freedom with friends.

Closing with the titular track, „How Have You Been?,“ the album leaves a lasting impression, offering a warm embrace wrapping it up through lyrics like „I won’t ever let you go, ‚cause you’re mine, you’ll be mine till the end of time.“

This raw, pure, and musically brilliant album resonates deeply with the pulse of 2024, providing a sense of being heard and seen. Giant Rooks deliver a strong start to the year, ensuring „How Have You Been?“ will be on repeat for many.  Don’t miss the chance to also witness their energetic live performances as they tour Germany in February, the UK and Europe in March, and the US in April and May. 

In a world that often feels chaotic, Giant Rooks‘ latest offering is a beacon of solace and a testament to the power of music in connecting us all. Experience it for yourself, and let the melodies accompany you through the highs and lows of 2024. Listen to the album and let us know : How have YOU been?

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